Making a Difference

PPTFH and The People Concern operate as a partnership. The People Concern fulfills PPTFH’s service contract AND acts as fiscal sponsor for the homeless services they provide to Pacific Palisades. Donations for the designated Outreach Team are made via The People Concern website.


  1.  Click here. This will bring you to The People Concern website’s donation page.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page scroll down and click on the amount you want to donate.
  3. Click the “Donate To” drop down menu to select “Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness.”
  4. Skip “Donation Options” (unless you want to honor someone with your donation) and click “Continue.”
  5. If you are making a one-time donation, click “Not Today.”
  6. Cover fees: If you want to delete or adjust the added processing fee charged by your credit card company click on “Edit.”
  7. Click the box to indicate your email and donor acknowledgement preferences.
  8. Click on your method of payment.
  9. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement and tax receipt.

Thank you so much for taking the time to donate and support the work of PPTFH!


  1. Make check payable to “The People Concern”.  
  2. In the memo line write “For PPTFH”.
  3. Address envelope to:

The People Concern

Attn:  Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness

2116 Arlington Avenue, Suite 100

Santa Monica, CA  90018

If you would like to mail the card below with your check, click on either image to open a printable PDF version.

RED PPTFH Donation Slip_Page_1
RED PPTFH Donation Slip_Page_2

Volunteer With Us

Friends and neighbors often ask our Task Force how they can be part of our effective effort to address homelessness in Pacific Palisades.

We realize it takes the entire community to achieve our mission of helping our unhoused individuals, keeping our town safe, and informing the community on the issues of homelessness.  If you care about our mission, have time to help, and would like to join this exciting community work, please consider volunteering with us!


Help Spread the Word

Talk to others in our community about the importance of connecting unhoused people to supportive services and using outreach teams to bring the services to them.