January-February 2021 Newsletter

PPTFH Masked Santa
A Christmas Miracle

BYLINE: Sharon Kilbride, Communications Committee

On December 25, 2020, we were surprised by a double-masked Santa in my front yard with a bag of gifts for the children at my house. It turns out that this Santa was one of our success stories. Scott Davis, formerly homeless in Pacific Palisades for over a year, was found living in a tent at Will Rogers Beach. Thanks to PPTFH and The People Concern, Scott is now housed and living in a great apartment in Los Angeles.

Scott was so touched by playing the role of Santa Claus that he said the following:

“Now I need wiper blades for my eyeballs, they’re leaking. Remembering when I saw Santa Claus as a kid, it was unbelievable, but being Santa Claus this time was even better. Next year I am going to start growing my own white beard in September so it will be ready for Christmas next year!”

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