March-April 2021 Newsletter

Motorhome Parked in Santa Monica Canyon
First Responder Committee Update:
2020 Data and Car Dwelling during COVID

BYLINE: Sharon Kilbride, Communications Committee

PPTFH First Responder volunteers had a busy year in 2020. Our team engaged 672 new individuals coming through the Palisades. Volunteers assisted by LAPD and Beaches and Harbors cleaned up remnants of 280 abandoned homeless campsites, all of which were located on the streets, beaches, and hillsides of the Palisades and Santa Monica Canyon. Additionally, our team found 28 areas with evidence of previous fire activity and removed all potentially combustible materials. 97 car dwellers were engaged and offered services. We thank our committed and compassionate volunteers for keeping our community clean and helping those in need.

PPTFH has noticed an uptick in emails from the community reporting car dwellers in our neighborhood. The goal of the task force is to engage these individuals by offering help to get them off the streets, and providing information on safe parking lots. We are finding that most are reluctant to accept services which becomes an issue for the community. During the pandemic, according to Vehicle Dwelling (LAMC) 85.02, persons living in a vehicle where there is no parking restrictions cannot be removed, although the vehicle must be moved every 72 hours. Only when the vehicle registration has expired beyond six months can the vehicle be cited. To report a violation, call LA Parking Authority at 213-485-4184, and provide the address of the parked car, make, model, and license plate number. If you believe the person(s) in a vehicle in Pacific Palisades is in need of any services, please call our outreach hotline at 310-460-2630 and leave a message, including the address of the vehicle so that our outreach workers can engage the occupant. You can also email us directly at

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