May-June 2021 Newsletter

Chase Hill, Kathy Cavaiola and Gerhard Pichel donations for homeless PPTFH
Generous Donations to Engage Homeless Individuals

BYLINE: Kim Clary, Chair, Volunteer Committee

Several months ago, Chase Hill, a Palisades High School student, his mother Kathy Cavaiola and Gerhard Pichel, a Lutheran parishioner, were featured in a PPTFH Newsletter for their generous donation of hygiene kits, masks, gently-used clothing and blankets. With help from the local Lutheran Church, they have continued their collection effort, and once again PPTFH received numerous hygiene kits, complete with face masks (over 60), sleeping bags, backpacks, shoes, clothing,, and boxes of socks. These items are not only greatly appreciated, but they also serve as a means of engagement and building trust between homeless individuals and PPTFH’s outreach team and First Responders. This is an important step that can lead to our homeless neighbors accepting help and services with the long-term goal of getting off the streets and into housing.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Chase, Kathy, Gerhard, and the Lutheran Church for their compassion, generosity, and support. In addition, we thank all of you who have been so generous during these past few months.

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