November 2016 Newsletter

PPTFH November 2016 Newsletter - Enforcement Update
Enforcement and Encampment Update

On Oct 6th & 7th members of PPTFH, LAPD, HPPOA (Huntington Palisades Property Owners Association), and Caltrans joined forces to remove abandoned encampments & trash from the Corona Del Mar bluffs. HPPOA hired Brian Walsh Brush Clearance to clear the upper bluffs area, which is mostly private property, and Caltrans cleared the lower portion of the bluffs near PCH. Many of the encampments included cigarette lighters, propane canisters, and other items that could ignite more of the hillside fires which have threatened homes in the past.

Sharon Kilbride, Chair of the Enforcement Committee for PPTFH, and a few other members of the committee helped identify the location of encampments. This was a great example of community and government organizations coming together to keep our hillside bluffs clean and safe from future fire threats. This cannot be thought of as a one-time solution to the problem. Unfortunately we need to think of this as an ongoing need, and plan for it in the future. In the meantime, the LAPD Beach Patrol and the Enforcement Committee will do their best to identify and remove encampments when they find them.

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