November-December 2021 Newsletter

Justin thrilled with hygiene kit
Volunteers Making a Difference

BYLINE: Kim Clary, Chair, Volunteer Committee and Rikki Smoot, Member, Volunteer, and Fundraising Committees

PPTFH has been very fortunate to have so many new volunteers join our group. This large increase in our volunteer base is so timely given the greater number of unhoused persons coming into the area.

We are excited about the record number of giving and caring individuals who want to be actively involved and make a difference in our homeless community. This includes Palisades residents joining our Fundraising, Volunteer, Communications, and the Volunteer Response Team committees, donating hygiene kits and other needed items, and helping to assemble these kits when the need arises. The Brown Bag Brigade, where a family or organization prepares lunches for the outreach workers to give to homeless folk at their service meetups, has also grown.

We welcome each and every one of our new members and graciously thank them for their generosity of time, spirit, and support. It truly does take a village to make a difference, and fortunately, these people are willing to step up and become a responsible team member who can make changes that impact us all. Kindness, patience, motivation, and creativity are all characteristics of our wonderful, selfless volunteers.

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