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May -June 2022 Newsletter

Brenda Unhoused SUccess Story

A Successful Partnership: Volunteer Response Team, Outreach Team and LAPD BYLINE BY: Sharon Kilbride Chair, Volunteer Response Team This success story about Brenda is one of many about how our volunteers, Outreach Team, LAPD, and unsheltered contacts work together to create happy endings! On March 16, 2022, while I was engaging some unsheltered individuals along […]

March-April 2022 Newsletter

PPTFH Brown Bag Brigade Client and Glanda of The People Concern on the beach

A Gift of Compassion from the Brown Bag Brigade BYLINE BY: Glanda Sherman, Outreach Team, The People Concern The year was 2017. The Pacific Palisades Ministerial Association accepted an invitation to meet and discuss how they could support the efforts of the Outreach Team. The group agreed to provide 20 lunches twice a week to […]

January-February 2022 Newsletter

Loren on her first day as a Volunteer Response Team member speaking with a client

First Glance through Eyes of New Volunteer Response Team Member BYLINE Loren Levine, PsyD, Volunteer Response Team Homelessness is a complicated situation that usually involves mental illness or drug abuse and often both. The days of homelessness being confined to downtown’s skid row are long gone. Out of college, I worked with homeless teens in […]