September 2016 Newsletter

Theatre Palisades Presents PPTFH With Donation

The theater production of The Liar’s Punishment in May was a big hit and a wonderful chance for us to show with the power of performance, the real trials and tribulations of homelessness – from every angle.

The one Act play, written by Leda Siskind and Produced by Palisadian, Nina Kidd, brought a full house audience together for two nights in a row to we as a community have evolved from the basic conversations around homelessness and safety, to a more mature conversation focused on solutions and underlying causes. The play was a fundraiser, as well as an expression of realism through art, and it was a great success.

Last week, at our September community meeting, PPTFH was presented with a check from Theatre Palisades for $5346.24. We thank Nina, Leda, the performers and the Pierson Playhouse for their great efforts to make this event as successful as it was, and for their generous contribution to our work.

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